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Can people change? I missed finding out.

Hello, world. Seems fitting. Brand new blog, for brand new thoughts. I recently read somewhere that we can never change, and then my attention wavered and I wish I would have kept reading. I have always loved change. Believed in it, endeavoured for it….


Feeling the Zing of Entrepreneurialship

I recently began the process of heavily selling items for cash. Thanks, Gary V for the inspiration. I know I want to start a business and that it’s a bucketlist item, but I am forever unsure of what the direction of the business will…

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Nike, just did it.

When I think of Nike or any big brand for that matter, I don’t expect them to take a big stance on controversial subjects. Nike hasn’t exactly had a super clean reputation, but it’s changing, and it has to because people are changing and wanting better,…

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I have been superficial blogging for a few years now. By superficial I mean I make a thousand and one blogs but have never written more than a hundred articles altogether. In all that time I always wanted to make them official. All the blog…

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